Monday, October 8, 2012

Photo of the Day: Which Name Would You Choose?

It was a frequent occurrence for newly-freed slaves enlisting in the Union army to change their name (which is why you will see so many George Washington's on the muster rolls of nearly every USCT unit.) This grave, located in Section 23 of Arlington National Cemetery, hints that the man history calls "Beast" may have been reviled by many, but was held in high esteem by the enlisted men under his command.


  1. THat is fascinating stuff Jimmy I had never considered that took place- Butler would have been pleased!

  2. New Orleans ought to have a memorial in his honor, recognizing the lives he almost certainly saved by cleaning up the city and imposing a strict quarantine, that virtually eliminated fatalities from yellow fever during the Union occupation.

    Not like that's gonna happen, but still. . . .