Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ed Ayers Rocks: His “Person of the Year: 1863" is the USCT!

Dr. Ed Ayers, Civil War historian extraordinaire and president of the University of Richmond, is currently speaking at the Museum of the Confederacy’s annual “Person of the Year: 1863” Symposium, where some of the most preeminent Civil War scholars in all of the land gather to nominate who they think the most influential person for a given year during the Civil War was.

Dr. Ayers has chosen the United States Colored Troops, stating that we have lost sight of how revolutionary the idea of arming former slaves was in 1863.
It should go without saying that your truly wholeheartedly concurs.

You can follow all of the action on the MOC’s Twitter page here or on Facebook here.

I look forward to hearing the entire presentation when it becomes available.


  1. How cool!! And at the Museum of the Confederacy, no less! Wonder how *that* went over!

    1. Kansas had the first black troops. And refused Sec. Stanton's order to disarm them. These were the troops killed at Poision Springs. Yes their friends later avenged them at Jenkins ferry.