Friday, February 26, 2010

The Pride of a Parent

Well, it looks as if this blog might go unattended for a few weeks, as my wife and I are celebrating the birth of our first child.

It’s difficult to describe the feelings that race through your mind when you stare at your baby for the very first time, but some things are put into perspective.

For instance, I have an entirely new perspective on the following quote, spoken by an African American soldier offering his services to the Federal army after the City of New Orleans had fallen:

“No matter where I fight; I only wish to spend what I have, and fight as long as I can, if only my boy may stand in the street equal to a white boy when the war is over.”


  1. Belated congratulations, Jimmy!

  2. Thanks! If anything I write seems a bit off or incoherent, now you’ll know why :-)