Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Final Word on Bruce Levine & Black Confederates

For a blog that doesn’t normally receive that many comments to begin with, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of people anonymously commenting on my post that detailed Dr. Bruce Levine’s talk on Black Confederates at the Virginia Sesquicentennial Commission’s Signature Conference on Race and Slavery.

Apparently some folks think that my summary of Dr. Levine’s talk is in fact my own commentary on the topic.

I have decided not to address any of these comments because they tend to do what the Black Confederate debate in general does – draw attention away from those African Americans who DID serve in large numbers during the Civil War.

However, the good folks at the Virginia Sesquicentennial Commission have posted Dr. Levine’s talk on YouTube for all to see.

So watch, and enjoy all you anonymous Lost Causers out there.

But consider this the END of the debate, at least on this website.

This blog deals with ACTUAL black soldiers who can be documented by looking at ACTUAL government and military documents and whose names and occupations can be found on the muster rolls of the ACTUAL units that they served in.

If you want to cry foul and indignantly rant about the thousands upon thousands of blacks who donned the gray, I’m sure Kevin over at Civil War Memory would LOVE to speak with you (you’re welcome, Kevin).

We deal in facts here at The Sable Arm.

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